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A simple and efficient way to manage your personal finance!

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  • Record income and expenses:
    • Record your income/expenses to keep track of your cash flow.
    • Mark income/expenses related to an event or a person.

  • Keep track of your loans/debts to pay back on time.

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  • Record transfers between accounts with different currencies.

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  • Support multiple – currency management, each account can use a different kind of currency.

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  • Manage your savings deposit: Estimate interest and end date of your accounts; help you to keep track of deposit accounts’ history, provide useful info before you decide to close an account.

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  • Help you to update exchange rates and exchange between currencies.

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  • Set budgets for expense categories weekly/monthly/yearly.

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  • Take a quick glance at how much you spent/earned today/this week/this month/this year.

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  • Analyze expenses according to categories by month, quarter, and year to set a suitable spending plan.

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  • Prepare a list in order not to forget anything when go shopping by the Shopping list utility.

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