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Why Money Keeper?

  • Help you to control your personal and family finance.
    • Keep track of your expense and income transactions:

      Money Keeper helps you to record your daily expenses and income anytime anywhere; you can also keep track of expenses and income related to an event such as your wedding, your vacation and the like.

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    • Keep your spending under control; you always know exactly how much money left in your accounts.

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    • Manage your savings deposit: know exactly how many accounts you have, details of principal, interest and the end date of each account.
    • Set budgets for expense categories to control your cash flow.
    • Manage debts and loans: give you the details of your debts and loans to pay back on time.

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    • Report and analyze your financial situation

      Report and analyze your income, expenses, financial statement… and many others. The powerful report function will show you clearly where your money comes and goes and empower you to set and achieve financial goals.

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  • Support many utilities:
    • Help the treasurer to record income and expenses of a team.
    • Help the housewife to prepare a list in order not to forget anything when go shopping.
    • Support multiple - currency management
  • Sync data from different devices such as: smart phone, PC, or tablet.
    • Money Keeper guarantees for your data integrity even if you lose your smart phone or change to a new one.
    • Your data will be kept confidential, private and be protected with the most stringent standards.
  • 100% free: You can download and install Money Keeper for free with:
    • Full featured
    • Unlimited number of transactions and accounts you can create, editable categories.
  • With it simple, well designed interface, this app is easy to use even with people does not have IT or financial background.
  • Many praises from users for this app.


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