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This instruction helps you to install Money Keeper on Blackberry phones which have Blackberry 10.3.1 or later (such as Blackberry Z10, Q10, Q20, Z30…).

Step 1. Login your account on Amazon App Store.


- Open Amazon App Store
- If you already have an account for Amazon services, you just need to fill in email and password information and log in.
- If you have not had an account for Amazon services yet, please choose “Sign up” and fill in all necessary information to create an account and log in.
Step 2. Look for “Sổ Thu Chi MISA” on store.
- Click on Search icon on the upper right corner of Amazon App Store.
- Type “Sổ Thu Chi MISA” keyword on the search field and click Enter.
- You will find “Sổ Thu Chi MISA” in the result.
Step 3. Download the app.
- Choose “Sổ Thu Chi MISA” on the result.
- Click on “Free” button on the upper right corner and choose “Get app” to download.
- Choose “Install” after downloading.
Step 4.
After installing, click on “Open” on Amazon App Store screen or click on “Sổ Thu Chi MISA” icon on the Smartphone home screen to open app.

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